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Marketing agency OverGo Studio was so happy with this program they created a detailed case study on it for their own website. 

Target audience: Private-practice U.S. dental offices

Product: Direct mailing advertising product from Cactus Mailing Company, represented by OverGo Studio marketing agency.

Goal: Awareness and lead generation

Challenge: Agency had been conducting PPC advertising to drive leads for its client with little success. According to agency President Rick Kranz: “PPC is a marketing tactic best used when people are ready to buy. But few dentists even wonder if direct marketing would work for their businesses. So the chances of them searching to learn about direct marketing services are slim to none. And since only 3% of any market is ready to buy a solution at any given point in time, it’s no surprise that PPC wasn’t working well.”

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Solution: Dental Products Report partnered with OverGo Studios to create a seamless, integrated content marketing and inbound lead nurturing program designed to exponentially increase the number of dentists exposed to Cactus Mailing through discovery rather than search, then nurture prospects through a series of content experiences including ebooks and webinars. DPR’s goal was to maximize clicks in a follow-up email by which prospects could request a free design consultation from Cactus Mailing Company.

Dental Products Report created a journalistically sound article focused on educating dentists on the surprising facts about direct mail. While the article included an article with Cactus Mailing’s CEO, the article was not promotional. Instead the article served as a contextual home for a call-to-action to download an ebook on maximizing marketing investments. Prospects who downloaded the ebook were then put into a three-week email nurturing program with CTAs to engage directly with Cactus Mailing Company content.


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OverGo Studio was so happy with the campaign, they created this detailed case study.

Client results (6 week timeframe):

  • 820 landing page visits
  • 223 leads generated (27% visit to contact)
  • 27 coupon requests (12% contact to lead)
  • 3 customers (11% lead to customer)
  • 68% reduction in customer acquisition cost
  • 545% ROI
  • 98% reduction in Cost Per Lead

Publisher results: Client retention and up-sell into other premium digital products.