B2B Content Marketing Project: GE

GE Digital

Content marketing and lead nurturing program

Target audience: Small and mid-sized Industrial machine design OEMs

Product: Equipment Insight remote monitoring equipment and service

Goal: Content, awareness, qualified leads

GE lp ds
Data capture landing page

Solution: Content marketing and nurturing campaign built around high-value ebook that was co-branded and promoted by trusted B2B publication ControlDesign.com and promoted via an article on ControlDesign.com, e-newsletter positions, behavioral triggering, direct email promotions and social posts. Prospects who downloaded the e-book entered a 4-week drip email nurturing. Leads were scored based on number of links clicked in follow-up campaign, with goal of driving click on “Request a demo,” link.

Client results: 1,100 downloads/new prospects in 30 days; 54.86% conversion rate on landing page; 36% engagement with follow-up nurturing campaign; 8.8% conversion to demo request.

Publisher results: Campaign renewal; new premium programs for two other high-value product divisions of GE (Wurldtech Cybersecurity and Decision Support HMI/SCADA.) Case study of this program drove rapid sales of similar premium programs across publisher’s brands.