putmanChallenge: In the face of declining print revenue, increased competition for digital marketing dollars, and advertisers’ limited value perception of B2B publishers’ digital offerings, the challenge was to create a premium digital marketing product that delivers value to advertisers seeking maximum impact from content marketing and lead nurturing.

Solution: Integrated HubSpot marketing automation system into editorial platform and workflow to create a system that provides:

  • unprecedented visibility into user behavior
  • real-time email and social media promotion of advertiser nurtuing programs triggered by individuals’ on-site, email and social media behavior
  • improved ability to identify and capitalize on content trends
  • predictive content & behavioral modeling
  • improved message targeting
  • on-site and email content customization based on personas, demographics and behavioral profiles
  • progressive profiling for improved real-time data value
  • simple automated nurturing workflows

Results: In addition to improving internal intelligence on our audience, email response rates and on-site growth and engagement, this system provided the foundation for Lead Accelerator, an integrated digital marketing program that delivered turn-key solutions for advertisers that included valuable co-branded content, ongoing real-time behavioral targeting of on-site, email and social media promotion, advanced lead nurturing and detailed lead scoring.

These premium programs consistently delivered average 57% top-of-funnel conversion rates, 35% to 60% follow-up engagement rates, and conversions to demo-request averaging 8%.