Campaign: GE Digital


Target audience: Small and mid-sized Industrial machine design OEMs

Product: Equipment Insight remote monitoring equipment and service

Goal: Content, awareness, qualified leads

GE lp ds
Data capture landing page

Solution: Content marketing and nurturing campaign built around high-value ebook that was co-branded and promoted by trusted B2B publication and promoted via an article on, e-newsletter positions, behavioral triggering, direct email promotions and social posts. Prospects who downloaded the e-book entered a 4-week drip email nurturing. Leads were scored based on number of links clicked in follow-up campaign, with goal of driving click on “Request a demo,” link.

Client results: 1,100 downloads/new prospects in 30 days; 54.86% conversion rate on landing page; 36% engagement with follow-up nurturing campaign; 8.8% conversion to demo request.

Publisher results: Campaign renewal; new premium programs for two other high-value product divisions of GE (Wurldtech Cybersecurity and Decision Support HMI/SCADA.) Case study of this program drove rapid sales of similar premium programs across publisher’s brands.

Campaign: Hu-Friedy

HF HH on macTarget audience: Dental Hygienists

Product: Dental hygiene instruments

Goals: Content, awareness, engagement, enrollment in loyalty program, market insights, qualified leads

Solution: Integrated content marketing and lead nurturing campaign. Co-branded Happy Hygienist Campaign with industry publisher combined editorial, survey, PR, social media and experience to gain insights into the career attributes, attitudes and practices that supported career satisfaction, while also gaining visibility into hygienists’ attitudes toward instrument selection. Poll data was used to create original eBook, “How to be a Happy Hygienist: Simple tips to enjoy every day at work,” creating a high-value, ongoing campaign that ran six months.

Client results: Survey results provided valuable insights into hygienists’ attitudes toward instrument selection as well as general psychographic data that helped Hu-Friedy improve its messaging. Follow-up nurturing campaign provided strong conversions into Hu-Friedy’s loyalty program, Friends of Hu-Friedy. Hu-Friedy’s CMO said “Fantastic program that delivered 1,417 total downloads, 1,374 unique downloads and 7,294 unique web impressions. Lead quality was top-notch and insights gained were huge.”

Product development: Lead Accelerator

putmanChallenge: In the face of declining print revenue, increased competition for digital marketing dollars, and advertisers’ limited value perception of B2B publishers’ digital offerings, the challenge was to create a premium digital marketing product that delivers value to advertisers seeking maximum impact from content marketing and lead nurturing.

Solution: Integrated HubSpot marketing automation system into editorial platform and workflow to create a system that provides:

  • unprecedented visibility into user behavior
  • data-rich profiles of every user
  • improved ability to identify and capitalize on content trends
  • predictive content/behavioral modeling
  • improved message targeting
  • on-site and email content customization based on personas, demographics and behavioral profiles
  • real-time email and social media promotion of advertiser nurtuing programs triggered by individuals’ on-site, email and social media behavior
  • progressive profiling for improved real-time data value
  • simple automated nurturing workflows

Results: In addition to improving internal intelligence on our audience, email response rates and on-site growth and engagement, this system provided the foundation for Lead Accelerator, an integrated digital marketing program that delivered turn-key solutions for advertisers that included valuable co-branded content, ongoing real-time behavioral targeting of on-site, email and social media promotion, advanced lead nurturing and detailed lead scoring.

These premium programs consistently delivered average 57% top-of-funnel conversion rates, 35% to 60% follow-up engagement rates, and conversions to demo-request averaging 8%.

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